Being Myself…

AviiHi.. I am Abhishek Adhikary, form Kolkata. Presently I am studying  Computer Science and Engineering from Bengal College of Engineering and Technology (BCET), Durgapur.

M a down to earth person. I do all my works with resposibilty and sincerly..  I belive in the quotation “Karmai Dharma“.. I love interacting with new peoples and making new frenz ..

My favourite passtimes r chatting with frenz via net or sms, browising through the web pages and designing…. Photography and Cricket are my Passion..

Few words of Wisdom: M very short tempered and for dat i Had lost many frenz of mine… So be careful while  interacting with me. M a bit to emotional in case of relations… So I hardly get into any serious relation… My frenz r also choosen. I hardly get intimate to anyone… M really a very moody person. So sumtimes it becomes difficult for my frenz to coe up with my mood swing.

But never the less M a person full of Masti and Excitement!! I too love Adventures

As much as i lyk making frenz more than that i hate Hipocrates & Liars. It jst get on my nerver when when sumone lies to me  or breaks my trust..

M a Computer freak. M always excited to do anything thats related to Computer… Apart from my study books i lyk reading different magzines, fast tracks, and story books that don’t make me feel sleepy.

I have great faith in the philosophies and teachings of Swami Vivekanand, Netaji Shubhas Chandra Bose, Sri Sri Ramkrishna Paramhansa Dev and my PARENTS.


3 Responses

  1. hmm.. interestng.. xpctng more 2 c 4m u..

  2. dude… r u my mirror image??
    i may not like the philosophies of netaji, but i follow swamiji and sri sri ramkrishna paramhansa dev very religiously.
    me too a computer freak… and that toh u r mastibaaz, i know from the very first interaction.
    and being moody…. stay in the college for two years, you will forget what “mood” is… most of us were moody at your age… but with experince you will gain wisdom and the “moddy-ness” will dissapear.
    …. you lie to save yourself from parents, right?? (i remember u saying that :P)
    still chalta hain!!

    take care of the spellings and grammar,

    • I dunno whether m ur mirror image or not. But to be very honest.. there r few things of urs that r same as mine….

      may b it’s co-incidence.

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