Nabomi- The most remarkable day of Durga Puja 2009

Awesome! Just awesome!
It’s one the most remarkable day of my life in this Durga Puja 2009.

The day started with lots of tension and doubts and ended with lots and lots of fun, excitement and DJ night where Anirban Da, for the 1st time shared a few steps with us with his sprained ankle.

The day started with Kolkata tweetup in Maddox Square. the pre-decided meeting time was 2:30pm, but people are becoming so unprofessional that we got an hour late to reach the spot and it was really frustrating. But finally when we (Anirban da, Debashis, Rohit da, Bastab da & Me) reached Maddox, we felt like we are in a different environment. A huge crowd in the Maddox Square park with lots of colorful birds! And only 10 people to attend koltweetup 😛 all boys no girls; a heart BrEaKiNg moment :(.

Thou the attendance was pretty less, still It was a great fun along with them.

Around 6:30 we left Maddox Square Park and headed for the Desopriyo Park. It had already started drizzling by the time we entered the Park and every one one was running under the sheds. And finally it started raining heavily and only we four jerks (Aniban da, Bastab da, Debashis and Me) were out of shed; enjoying each and every drop of rain along with the sips of MirindAaaaaA. We were completely drenched. Nothing was dry 😛
Woa what a moment that was!!! We were shivering, still we were enjoying getting wet in rain.

And after that it was the time to MOVE OUR BODY in DJ night at Rohit Da’s complex.
It was the most interesting moment for us. For the 1st time Mr. Anirban Saha with is sprained ankle DANCED with us. He was fabulous while shaking his legs to the beats of BUT CAN’T DANCE SALA.


NOTE: Anirban Da, plz don’t mind coz i disclosed ur inner talent 🙂