City kids top Net-savvy league

Life on Broadband

Parents and teachers take note. High school kids in Kolkata have become digital natives, making extensive use of the internet and cell phones to access information.

According to a survey by Tata Consultancy Services, across 12 cities and covering 14,000 students aged 12-18 reveals that 77% school children in Kolkata use the internet to access information, more than kids in any other city including Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad.

Given the low home PC penetration in Kolkata, this does come as a surprise. Obviously, cybercafés contribute majorly in enabling student’ access to Web. But what comes as an even bigger surprise is that at 24%, the city also tops in internet access from cell phones. The survey shows 90% of students have access through mobiles and 76% through computers.

>> 63% of students spend over an hour a day online.
>>93% are aware of social networking.
>>Unlike Mumbai where Facebook is the most popular social networking site, Orkut is more popular in Kolkata.
>>77% of students use Google and Wikipedia to check u on facts and figures.
>>46% use online sources to access news. TV/newspapers users are 25%.
>>62% have a PC.
>>1/4th owns a laptop.
>>It and engineering remains the most popular career choices- with Indian companies scoring over foreign ones.
>>6% students get over Rs 2,000 per month as pocket money.
>>Opportunity to travel and acquisition of new skills score over salary when it comes to deciding on career.