Spread Love:

Spread Love

Life is a long way to run;
Diest is the only way to stop the race
In the land of mortals.
’twixt the life and death
Lies the immortal bird – Love.

The dawn hath already edged its way
Through the crowd of huddled trees.
Era the era ends;
Vouchsafe the immortal bird to fly high up in the sky
Without any limit.
Neither be shy nor hesitate;
Just allow it to fly in the way
That thou lovs’t the most.
It will stretch its plumes,
Like the burning zone of the Golden Sun
In the East-
Over the heart of the Mortals.

Create its nest with the memories of the time
That thou spend with mine;
And vouchsafe the immortal bird to stay in it,
On the branches of thy
Passionate Heart.